Woody 2000 Project Proposal

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KMGT-680-2A: Introduction to Production Management

We are a company specialized in project Management in industrial and manufacturing estates. We have a project team that is able to meet up with the needs of our clients. Our team is made up of professionals and we have a reputation of success built over the years. Woody is a wood work company with a good reputation and good track record. The company have loyal and committed work force. The company agreed to an expansion of the company at its executive meeting. Our goal as project developers is to expand the production capacity of the company, to enable them take advantage of business opportunities. 2.1 MOTIVATION STATEMENT

There has been an increase in construction activities in the South- west BC, these activities necessitated the need for the expansion in woody. The management of woody believes this expansion will bring growth to the company. After an approval is gotten from the management board, money will be released. There will be the need for skilled personnel (Contract Team Members) which will be good for the execution and completion of the project on the scheduled date which is 18 months and with a budget of $17million. 2.0 SUMMARY OF PROBLEM

The problem Woody is facing is that of production space and having modern production facilities. The company is thinking of staying were they are or relocating to a new site where they can have enough space and modern facilities. 3.2 PROJECT OBJECTIVE

Our objective as project developers is to expand the production capacity of woody, and this will be achieved through the following: a. Building a new factory building to house new machines and increase the work space. b. Constructing a new dust free spraying section that will meet environmental standard required. c. Procuring modern wood work machines and equipments.


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