Woody 2000 Project

Topics: Project management, Construction, Vice president Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: July 21, 2013
In this essay I am asked to review and assess the case study of the Woody 2000 project. The concept of the project was simple enough, expand the workspace in order to increase productivity and remain competitive within the surrounding area without having to move to a different location. The initial project, I feel was not well conceived at all. I feel that the time spent actually planning out who’s, where’s and why’s would have benefited the company’s efforts and efficiency dramatically. What I mean by this is simple; the planning portion of this project should have been broken down into about eight phases. First, give the project overview which is merely a brief synopsis of why we are doing what we are doing and how it will benefit our company. Second, create project objectives which would state milestones and clearly define what we hope to achieve. Third, give our scope or view of things and department areas that will change. During this phase the Woody 2000 project should have easily seen that the renovation of the President and Executive Vice President's offices was a bad idea, but I will discuss more on my reason for this later. Fourth, a project risk assessment which would identify potential issues and discussion of mitigating factors to stay on track. Fifth, approach which is simply how everything will flow and unfold as we progress. Sixth, Organization as far as identifying key role players within the organization that would be solely responsible and held accountable for any short comings. Seventh, a signature page or project counseling showing understanding of responsibilities among all key personnel involved. Lastly, eighth would be cost and duration estimates that are merely a best guess, but realistic and flexible to give optimum understanding of projected gains and losses. Did the Woody 2000 project take time to implement these previously stated phases in planning? Some, but not all and this is critical in depicting the down fall in...
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