“Woodrow Wilson, Political”

Topics: Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt Pages: 4 (1322 words) Published: January 2, 2011
Natalia Motta
“Woodrow Wilson, political”
Robert Dallek
Article Review 2.5

The article “Woodrow Wilson, Politician” by Robert Dallek is basically about the political life of Woodrow Wilson, from the very beginning until he became president. All the achievements he met during his life to when everything started falling apart in his second presidential term. The purpose of this article , was to show that due to the awful incidents and erroneous decisions he took at the end of his political life, his career has been undermine forgetting that Wilson made great achievements to this country, which were only equaled years later by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson. The president Wilson was born on 1856 in Staunton, Virginia. Wilson’s father was an important part of Wilson’s life. He spent much of his time and made out of his son. Years later Wilson entered Princeton University to study, he wanted to be a salesman, however later he saw that politics was the key to success, in those time a one of his political associates said, “was a man of high ideals and no principles, which was another way of saying that Wilson’s ambition for self-serving political ends outrun his commitment to any particular philosophy or set of goals” (Dallek, 67), he fallowed the Maquiavelic way which was the ends to justify the means that we have to remember that our great presidents have all been men of high ideals and no principles. In his early life, he was a teacher who taught at Bryn Mawr Wesleyan at Princeton, and then Later on became president of Princeton. Wilson wanted to transformed Princeton, he created “11 departments corresponding to subjects and requiring upperclassmen to concentrate their studies in one of them” (Dallek, 68), however during his presidential term at Princeton, he fail to consult alumni, faculty, and trustees was a major political error that led to his defeat. Nevertheless, he took advantage of his poor performance as...
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