Woodrow Wilson

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U.S. History Since 1877
September 13, 2014 Paper One: Presidency of Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson was a man with intellect and reasons. His main desire was to end all future wars in the nation. He proposed an international peacekeeping force called the League of
Nations. “Wilson’s Third great legacy to American foreign policy is presented more fully in the fourteen points than in The Treaty of Versaille.” (xiv.) Where he talks about his plans for keeping the peace between all nations. Woodrow Wilson was raised by Mr. Joseph Ruggles, his father and also his mentor, to be a religious man. Mr. Wilson encouraged his son, Woodrow
Wilson “to develop an oratorical skills and stressed precision in speech and writing.” (1). Wilson had so many achievements in his early life, but the proudest achievement he got was he became the President of the United States of America. Wilson was also a president of Princeton
University, where he admired all the businessmen in their own fields. When he started playing the role as the president in Princeton, he used this opportunity to make the University a training ground for future leaders; “by these future leaders must not be narrowly trained technicians” they must also have the characteristic of being a leader and have a mind of their on. During Wilson’s time as president, the constitution have become less important and his power to inspire, shape, and lead public opinion became his main priority. (8)“To wilson he believed politically

controlled and directed economic development was the basis of progress.” (9) According to
Wilson, Capitalist only sought power and profit for purely selfish reasons, like monopoly. He believes that the government should control all the businesses because real growth needs to be guided or shaped by politics rather than rely on unlimited resources. “Irresistible energy and efficiency of harmony and cooperation” could help the society

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