Woodrow Wilson

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Woodrow Wilson

In his monograph, Woodrow Wilson, Arthur S. Link discusses the President of the United States' influence on the world, his choices during his time in office, and the effect of his life on the world today. Link argues that Wilson shaped the way World War I played out in three important ways. First, Wilson advocated for peace and avoidance of interference in international conflicts. Second, he believed strongly in keeping the nation secure and keep the war handled fairly with the principle of neutrality firmly in mind. Although he fought at length to avoid involvement in World War I, Wilson decided to enter the war based on his ideas for neutrality and to bring the war to a close. Finally, Link argues that because Woodrow Wilson maintained a strong sense of peace and security for the American people, the actions of the president on behalf of the people and the country at that time were well justified. Using the writings of Woodrow Wilson himself and the correspondences of those he kept in touch with, Link finds evidence enough for his claims.

To begin with, Link makes President Wilson out to be a strong advocate for peace in accordance to entering the war. As evident in his communications with both sides of the conflict, Wilson struggled greatly in how to interfere with America's best interests in mind. Link depicts the president as tolerant of the foreign nations, especially Germany, who denied the safety of American merchant ships. Link makes it clear that Wilson attempted to neutralize the issues many times over before deciding to join the opposing side in the war. As stated before, Link emphasizes President Wilson's strong desire to keep America neutral during the time of crises in the world.

In this monograph, Woodrow Wilson greatly attempted to maintain peace before entering World War I. The reason Wilson established the League of Nations to passionately pursue this goal. Link emphasizes that the president even chased...
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