Wood and Mallard Ducks

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The male Mallard duck has
a green head separated
with a white line under it.
The female has no green at
all. The female is mottled
brown color.The male and
female bills are also
different. Mallard ducks
have a slight streak of blue
along their wings. Mallard
ducks range from 20-28
inches in length. Their
wings have a wingspan of 3
feet to help them fly well
and fly south to
migrate.Mallard ducks have
large necks to dip under
the water surface. Their
necks can extend up to 8

Mallard ducks like warm
weather. They migrate
for the winter so they can
have source of
food.Ducks dip their
head down in the water
for small fish and algae.
This ducks roll in the eco
system of the lake is to
keep the lake clean by
eating algae. They also
help to keep the fish
population stable by
eating the fish for their
food. The mallard lives in
marshes, lakes, swamps,
rivers, streams and

They are mainly found in
the north. This is due to the
warmer weather. They
migrate south when the
cold comes thats whys in
the south it is blue to show
they have some mallard
ducks because they only
stay there for 3 moths
during the cold weather.The
Mallard ducks breed in the
north because of climate
reasons. They never bread
in the south. The ducks that
live in the green
region(Picture below) live
their year round


QUESTION !-There are many habitats found in swamps, marches, lakes and bogs in Michigan.Some animals found in these places are ducks, Fish,Frogs, turtles and ducks weed. Ducks live in the
wetland habitats because of the water to use to
their advantage. They use the water to swim to
find fish to kill and eat. Also the water helps to
grow the algae and weeds that they feed on. Fish
live near the wetland
habitat because it
feeds on small organisms near the shore hiding in

Question D-There are many economic coming...
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