Wonders of Science

Topics: Science, Satellite, Russia Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Science has done great service to mankind. Science has ensured life to be safer, surer and much more comfortable than ever before. Science has helped man to make computers, artificial satellites and robots. Science has given the Americans a defense umbrella in space and it has given the Russians a permanent space station.

Russia, it is believed, will have an industrial city in space before 2050 A.D. This would be the height of achievement in the field of science and technology.

Science has also helped the common man in many ways. It has given him the modern machinery which has helped to increase the production of food grains. The famines which took the lives of millions of people in the past have now become a distant thing, except in some African countries.

Man who was travelling in bullock carts until two hundred years ago is now able to travel in supersonic jets which would take him around the world in twenty four hours. Science has also made communication easier with the invention of telegraphy and the telephone.

The invention of the printing press has brought education in the form of books and newspapers to the doorsteps of every common man.

Science has given man several means of recreation to spend his leisure time. The greatest wonder of modern science is that we can watch several events as they are happening on the other side of the world by sitting comfortably in our drawing rooms in front of the televisions.

Satellite links of televisions have made this possible. Science has also given us the computer which can store a million times more of information in its memory than a human brain and bring them out the flicker of a second. The computer can also work out statistical data of all inhabitants of a city and can give details of any singular feature for several years. These wonders of science have certainly made our living easier and lively.
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