Womens Suffrage Research Paper

Topics: Women's suffrage, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: April 18, 2011
During the late 19th century, women were in a society where man was dominant. Women not having natural born rights, such as the right to vote, to speak in public, access to equal education, and so forth, did not stop them to fight for their rights. Women's lives soon changed when Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony played a prominent role to help bring about change.

Lucy Stone, an abolitionist, is one of the most important workers for women's suffrage and women's rights. When the Bible was quoted to her, defending the positions of men and women, she declared that when she grew up, she'd learn Greek and Hebrew so she could correct the mistranslation that she was sure was behind these verses (Lewis) Doing so she showed the translations were unfair to women. Because her father couldnt support her education, she saved her own money to go to college and was the first woman in Massuchussetts to graduate, proving to women they have the ability to have equal education as men. Right after being first woman to graduate, she was the first to give her public speech in Congregational Church, not having yet her rights, and is now recognized as an honorable speaker. (ibid) Lucy Stone portrays female dominance by going against the law to earn women's rights. Lucy was hired at AERA, but her speech in 1850 converted Susan B. Anthony to the suffrage cause, later split with Anthony over strategy and tactics, splitting the suffrage movement into two major branches. She continued to be an editor for the Woman's Journal. Lucy Stone's radical move to keep her own name continued to inspire, she is still remembered, today, as the first woman to keep her own name after marriage. (ibid)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton outraged by the denial of women's rights, she fought for rights in the National Woman Suffrage Association serving as president. After 1851, Stanton worked in close partnership with Susan B. Anthony. Stanton often served as the writer and Anthony as the...
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