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As of right now, you are a Supreme Court Justice and you have been given the daunting case of juvenile justice concerning the death penalty. Now more than ever, young people are committing violent crimes. The case before you deals with whether or not we should execute children under the age of 18 who commit violent crimes. Keep in mind, the goal of juvenile justice is rehabilitation The big question is this: Should the courts have the option to execute a juvenile for his or her violent crime? ________________________________________

The Task

Your task as a justice is as follows:
Analyze information on the death penalty,
Evaluate the pros and cons of the death penalty for juveniles, •Find and support evidence for your own conclusion,
Take notes from websites to help form your opinion,
Create your own list of pros and cons for the juvenile death penalty, •Write an opinion (majority, concurring or dissenting) on the death penalty for juveniles, •Find a separate article that supports your decision on this issue. The final product is a list of pros and cons of the death penalty in juvenile cases as well as a typed 1-2 page opinion writing with supportive evidence (site your work). ________________________________________

The Process

In order to achieve your goal, you are going to follow these steps:

1.Read an article on the background of juvenile justice and the death penalty: Death Penalty for Juveniles 2.Choose one of the following articles about the ruling in the Landmark Supreme Court case of Roper vs. Simmons (2005): Juvenile death penalty abolished | csmonitor.com or MSNBC - Opinions 3.Read the excerpts of four youths and their crimes and punishments: frontline: juvenile justice 4.Use this web site to learn about facts of the juvenile court system, the death penalty and preview each states current juvenile death row offenders: Death Penalty Information Center


References: I would like to thank the following websites for providing such useful information on juvenile justice and continually provided information on the topic:
PBS, Death Penalty Information Center, MSNBC, CS Monitor and Web Quest Templates
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