Womens Rights, Dbq American Pagent 13th Edition Textbook

Topics: Seneca Falls Convention, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Woman Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: January 12, 2011
Alissa Cooper
Period 1
December 20, 2010
In a time period where change was inevitable and rapid, the revolutionizing image of females as a gender sky rocketed from the events during 1815-1860. The Second Great Awakening embarked on a rebellion against issues that had been overlooked by some, and disregarded by others for years. Issues included prison reform, the temper cause, the crusade to abolish slavery and most significantly, the women’s movement. The thing that sparked women’s movement through the Second Great Awakening was the fact that middle class women, the wives and daughters of businessmen, were huge enthusiasts of religious revivalism. Making up the majority of new church members, it became the feminization of religion. Charles Grandison Finney, an evangelist who was said to have converted over half a million people and be the greatest of all revival preachers, had his own comments on the situation in his memoir. He reminisces about a convert he had done in New York in 1831, and the impact his prayer and faith had on women of that time period. Mrs. M. (a content woman, fond of society) was convinced by another Christian woman to see him. At first the girl was doubtful of his interference and also feared of a revival, but after prayer she settled into a joyous faith. He claims that “from that moment, she was out-spoken in her religious convictions and zealous for the conversion of her friends” (Document A) This just shows female eagerness over man to adapt to being faithful. Off of that enthusiasm they branched into saving the rest of society, doing things such as forming charitable organizations. But this was only the beginning of feminization in America… After the excitement of the revival, art colleges and state supported universities were formed. On the other hand, women’s education was looked down upon in early 1800’s. In the 1820’s though, women schools at the secondary level became respected and finally in 1837 Ohio opened it doors to both...
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