Womens Rights

Topics: Women's rights, Women's suffrage, Human rights Pages: 3 (1161 words) Published: November 20, 2010
Sean Navins
English 104
Advancement of Women’s Rights
Women’s rights have been slowly progressing throughout the history of our country. They have been stuck at home keeping the house clean, taking care of the kids, making dinner, and completing other tasks around the household. Two articles will be overviewed to help show the progression and the difficulties of women trying to gain more rights and to break out of their current social status. The article “Women's Rights as Human Rights: Toward a Re-Vision of Human Rights” by Charlotte Bunch discusses the many issues involved in women’s rights, specifically about how gender is a leading factor in the lack of rights women have. The second article, “From the Second Sex to the Joint Venture: An Overview of Women's Rights and Family Law in the United States During the Twentieth Century” written by Herma Hill Kay, talks about family chemistry, the role of women in the household and the progression of women’s reform movements. These articles show just a few of the factors that all contribute to the reasons why women are fighting for their full equalities. The overview and analysis of said articles will discuss how gender has held back women in society, and the role of women in the house hold and their slow development of their reform.

The leading cause in the lack of women’s rights is their gender. Gender has defined the social status for women in society for centuries. Bunch talks about how the definition of human rights does not include anything about women’s rights in her article titled “Women's Rights as Human Rights: Toward a Re-Vision of Human Rights.” Human rights are specifically defined as, a matter of state violation of civil and political liberties (Bunch 3), which does not include anything for the support of women’s rights. When the issue for getting more recognition and help for the rights of women is discussed, human rights groups and governments say, “(1) sex discrimination is too...

Bibliography: Bunch, Charlotte. "Women 's Rights as Human Rights: Toward a Re-Vision of Human Rights." Human
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