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Women's Suffrage and Women

By amberd5445 Sep 24, 2013 1292 Words
Associate Program MaterialAmber Dempsey 09/15/13

Diversity Organizations Worksheet

Search the Internet for information related to the following:

Women’s rights organizations
Equality organizations
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) rights organizations

Note. You may also refer to the Internet Resource Directory of Racial and Ethnic Groups.

Complete the following table with notes and thoughts related to your findings:

National Orginizaion for Woman (NOW)
Founded in 1966, this organization now has more than 500,000 members taking action to bring women into participation in society, sharing equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities while living free from discrimination. Issues include; abortion and reproductive rights, economic justice, ending sex discrimination, and lesbian rights. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
This organization works directly with news media, entertainment media, culture insitutions, and social media to amplify the voices of those in the LGBT community. GLAAD promotes understanding, increases acceptance, and advances equality by ensuring that the stories of the LGBT community are hurd through media. Human Rights Campaign
Founded in 1980 and composed of more than 1.5 million members and supporters, the HRC is known as the largest civil rights organization working to achive equality for ledbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans. They stand strong in electing fair-minded individuals into office and educate the public about LGBT issues.

Use your notes to aid in your responses to the questions below. You may need additional resources from the University Library to complete this activity.

Write a 750 to 1,050- word paper answering the following questions:

What has been the status of women in the United States throughout history? What is the status of women in the U.S. today?
What are some examples of concepts or constructions of masculinity and femininity that you see in society and in media? Historically, what has been the social status of GLBT people? What is the status of GLBT people in the U.S. today?

What are some social and political issues relevant to women and GLBT people in the U.S.?

Provide citations for all the sources you use.

Submit this Diversity Organizations worksheet and your paper as instructed by your facilitator.

Discrimination has never been limited to race or ethnicity, and through the years we have seen its impact on sex and gender. On July 4, 1776 the United States adopted the Decloration of Independence, which states that “All men are created equal in life, liberty, and the persute of happieness”, but we still ask “what about women”? It is hard to believe there was a time when woman weren’t allowed to vote, or even hold a job, but during this time women found themselves fighting for the same rights as the African American community. In 1848 the first women’s rights convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York, with only 68 woman and 32 men who would set the agenda for the woman’s rights movement. During the 2 day debate, a set of 12 resolutions were adopted, which called for the equal treatment of all women and men under the law and voting rights for women. This was the first step for the quality between the sexes, but would face many more challenges. In 1864 the American Civil War began, and put an end to the National Womaen’s Rights Convention. Women activist were focused on ablition of slavery, and on emancipation issues, but would soon join forces for the greater cause. Joining forces with black activist, the American Equal Rights Association was formed to work together to end universal suffrage. Upon the adoption of the 15th Amendment women were not extended the right to vote which caused a split between the AERA, and caused the organization to move in separate ways. In 1890 the National American Woman Suffrage Association was formed, and between 1869 to 1896 were able to force congress to approve woman the right to vote in four state, although it wasn’t until the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920 that womans suffrage was achived. This was the same year that the Women’s Bureau of the Department of Labor was formed to collect information about women in the workforce, and ensure good working conditions for women.

The founders of these organizations have opened many doors for women today, and have allowed women to pursue careers in vitually any field. Boys and girls alike are able to dream about becoming doctors, lawyers, or even the President of the United States. While some still argure that it is a mans world, women are no longer bound by laws that keep them from moving to the top of their occupation. People will always harbor discrimination, although through time we are continuing to build better foundations for the future generations if women. One example of masculinity and femininity that I have perceived from the media, is news anchors. Normally it is the men who are chosen to travel to different countries to cover news stories, because the company sences that men are able to take care of themselves, where women would be more vulnerable to danger. According to the US Department of Labor there is still a considerably lower earning rate for woman compared to men. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that woman who usually worked full time had a median weekly earnings of $707, or 82% of the $860 median for men. Throughout history homosexuality has been frowned upon, and many considered it to be a temporary movement. In 1924 the first gay organization, Society for Human Rights, started in Chicago. This was a step tward equalizing rights for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trsansgender community. During Wolrd War 2, many allied forces freed prisoners from concentration camps, but neglected to let go the homosexual. A large strike against the GLBT community came in 1943, when the US military bared gays and lesbians from serving in the Armed Forces. It wasn’t until September 2011 that the Don’t ask, Don’t tell Act repeal. Today we are standing together as a nation, and sending the message that discrimination of any nature will not be accepted. Women as well as GLBT have been fighting the same war, striving for equality in a mans world. Homosexual men are fearful of repercusions in the workplace, and women are still fighting poverty, and equal pay rights. In recent years we have seen many influencial leaders come forward, and make a way for others to move past the discrimination that we face. Gender equality and womans rights should never be underestimated, because it affects child development and survival for all society. It is important for women and the GLBT community to come together to raise awareness of the issues that face our society.


I certify that the attached paper is my original work. I am familiar with and acknowledge my responsibilities, which are part of the University of Phoenix Student Code of Academic Integrity. I affirm that any section of the paper which has been submitted previously is attributed and cited as such, and that this paper has not been submitted by anyone else. I have identified the sources of all information whether quoted verbatim or paraphrased, all images, and all quotations with citations and reference listings. Along with citations and reference listings, I have used quotation marks to identify quotations of fewer than 40 words and have used block indentation for quotations of 40 or more words. Nothing in this assignment violates copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property laws. I further agree that my name typed on the line below is intended to have, and shall have, the same validity as my handwritten signature.  

Student's signature (name typed here is equivalent to a signature): Amber Dempsey

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