Women's Contribution during War Time

Topics: World War II, United States Navy, World War I Pages: 2 (851 words) Published: April 14, 2011
Women contribute a lot during war time in many countries they become the strength and inspiration of every nation while their sons and husband are facing the enemies. World War II delivered destruction in all countries that are in war and women roles are very significant, they became men in their respective countries and provide support in different ways woman also saw combat during WWI firstly as nurse in the army nurse corp. and united states navy nurse corps during the pearl harbor attack on Dec-7-1941. During WWI and WWII woman were called a by necessity to do work and to take on roles that were outside their traditional gender expectation. In Great Britain this is known was a process of dilution and was strongly contested by the trade unions particularly in the engineering and ship building trades. Woman did for the duration of both in WWI and WWII take on jobs that traditionally regarded as skilled “men’s work.” However in accordance with the agreement negotiated with the trade unions. Woman undertaking jobs at the end of WWI .woman moved into the labor force to fill this need. During WWI for example over thousands of woman worked in factories, offices and large hangars used to build aircraft. In the time before the era of WWI and WWII the role of women in society had already progressed far. Women did not play as large a part in society as

They do now, but were slowly gaining more rights, beginning many years ago with the right to vote, and slowly progressing from that great step. In the 1920's, women began to grow more independent; some of this grew from the first WWI, in which many women were employed in the war effort. WWI really began the transformation of how women act in society, WWII showed that even more changes were to come. One of the most common jobs for a woman to take on during the WWI and WWII became a nurse. Many women joined the military forces as nurses, to go near the battle front and work to heal wounded soldiers. At first men...
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