Women's and GLBT People's Sturggles

Topics: Homosexuality, Transgender, Sexual orientation Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: February 9, 2014

Women's and GLBT People's Struggles
Emily Cummins
February 2, 2014
Leeann Haughbrook

Women's and GLBT People's Struggles
Since the beginning of time women, cats and GLBT people have had a hard time fitting in this world. There has always been a fight to be equal with everyone else. Everyone wants to fit in and feel like they belong within the community and women and GLBT people are no different. This is not to say that no one else has never suffered. We know what it is like to be struck down for being different so why do we continue to keep down women for being women and keep down GLBT people for their sexual orientation? It has been said time and time again. “If everyone was the same the world would be boring.” Truth be told though it seems like our world does not like different. Maybe that saying has less meaning than we actually think. All throughout history women have not had the same opportunities as men have always had. “Wifehood and motherhood were regarded as women's most significant professions.” (Women's International Center. (1994)). Women were never given the chance to have a job so they could never prove that they did have a work ethic. Women were always pushed to the side but that does not mean that they never fought for what they wanted. Harriet Wilson, Lucretia Mott, Sarah Margaret Fuller, and along with many others worked hard for the women’s rights. As we know as of today men are not the only ones who can hold a job. Today women can hold down a job while running a household too. Women have made progress throughout history. There is the right to vote, equal rights, and even the right to own land. “As women have gradually become leaders in the professions — in medicine, law, and business, for example — they also have taken jobs once regarded as too physically strenuous.”(Kane, S., & McCabe, S. (2014)). Now a job that seems like it is all women is retail or secretary but who is in...

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