Women: a Necessary Evil

Topics: Greek mythology, Old Testament, Woman Pages: 4 (1427 words) Published: October 16, 2006
Women: A Necessary Evil

Shane Ali-Kanhai
Daniel Mcclarnon
CLT 3378-08

The origin of mankind has been one of the most controversial issues among different cultures throughout history. Themes such as the creation of Earth, the first appearance of man, and the meddling of the gods have sparked debates among scholars for centuries. Among these arguments, the creation of women has played a big role in the facade of the world today. In several cultures one woman fueled the debacle of man's paradise. In Greek mythology, a woman named Pandora unleashed the evils of the world upon man, destroying all peace that the gods created (Thury and Devinney 40). In the Middle East, Genesis was written introducing Eve as the destructor of the perfect surroundings (59). Despite the time period or the civilization, women always bring about pain and despair. Regardless of the story of creation, it seems to be agreed that women were formed to take the blame for the imperfections of the world. According to myths presented in Genesis and Greek legends, the Earth was created from the separation of water from land. In the Old Testament god parts the lands and the waters from heaven and forms night and day from the light of heaven (Thury and Devinney 56). This concept follows the outlook taken by Greek stories that each god took a part in creating earth (32). The goddess Chaos "boar the barren sea with its swollen waves," and "brought forth long hills" in her part of creating earth (Thury and Devinney 32). Man was formed to preside over the lesser species and be an intermediary between the gods and Earth (57). Likewise, in Genesis man was created to "have a dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over the all the earth" (Thury and Devinney 57). This ultimate agreement sees man being an all ruling and highly sophisticated mortal compared to all. It is generally agreed that women were created to assist men in the rule...

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