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Women Working in Saudi Arabia

By maabalsokair Apr 02, 2013 542 Words
(Opinion Editorial)
Women Working in Saudi Arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia spend plenty of time working as hard as they can to get a well education. The go to school for twelve years, then college for four years, and after that if they would like they go and study for their Masters degree and PhD. Degrees for a few more years. After all that hard work and staying up all night finishing up reports, they go back home doing nothing but wait to get married. When that’s done they still stay home and take care of their children and husband which make their only job being a parent. Women and men are equal. We are all human and we all have right, but apparently here in Saudi Arabia women rights just aren’t given their value as men’s rights are.

They say it is against our culture for women to work instead of taking care of her home. Well if you think about it the way I do, men work to make money for their family right? But he is also supposed to be taking care of the children with his wife so that means they won’t be at work the whole time and come home early enough to spend time with their kids. Well women should stay at home if they had a new born, but if the baby was a few years old and goes to school, she has all the rights to go to work since the house is empty and there’s nothing to do.

Others have said that women would get harassed at work. If that’s what people worry about when they think about women working, then they can just make two buildings; one for men, the other for women. If they are worried that that would need a lot of money being spent, then they could just let the women work from their houses. With technology at this time, women could be given work stations that have systems to allow their employers to monitor closely what they are doing. They could also be monitored through an iPhone.

There are no job opportunities for a woman which is another reason why they stay at home and can’t make up something useful of their education. Some women had to work with the help of their friends by being the contact between them and help convincing the manager to hire her.

After conducting a survey on most of the student at school, they all agreed that women should work, and that they could all achieve being working women in Saudi because they work hard just as a man does. Al though more a few of them agreed that women should have specific jobs, since there are some stuff that only men can do and women cant. Other than that women are just as strong and faithful to their jobs as men are.

Now you read all the excuses that were made, and solutions, there are no reasons for women to be held back at home, so people should really consider women working here and it could really be useful. Also it would be more comforting for women to buy her private stuff from a woman that from a man.

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