Women Work and Happiness

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Women, Work, and Happiness

Questions our class was asked to explore included, what is happiness, what is compassion, and how do you combat shame. We answered these questions through analyzing class readings and discussions, articles and readings from our disciplines, and we explored questions and central themes. While this class was interdisciplinary, we were able to spend time exploring our individual disciplines in greater depth. However, we were still able to collaborate with different disciplines, which led to a broader understanding of these concepts. We feel that we have gained an insurmountable experience from each component of this class.

Class Reading and Discussions
Our class readings covered topics such as happiness, fear, risk taking, courage, and vulnerability. When reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, Brown defined happiness as joyfulness. Brown said happiness was not permanent. We each have the ability to grow when we actualize that impermanence contributes to our happiness. Our group members identified most with Brown’s opinions on happiness. In addition, to our relation to Brown’s opinion on happiness, our group also identified with her views on risk and courage. Our group did not fully understand where fear came from until Brown explained the different shields. After having a clear understanding of the different shield such as the shield of numbing, perfectionism, and the shield of foreboding joy our group was able to break –down why we are afraid to be vulnerable. Understanding where fear comes from helped our group truly analyze why we struggle with vulnerability. We appreciated how Brown gave defense mechanisms to use so we will not have to shield our vulnerability any longer. Defense mechanisms are strategies to help us overcome our fears and shames. For example, practicing gratitude is a defense mechanism for the shield of perfectionism. Overall, the goal of Brown’s strategies is to help us understand that as individuals we are enough. Stereotypically our group perceived vulnerability as weakness but Brown explains that vulnerability is power. Articles and concept from our disciples

I chose to discuss the article, Practicing G.R.A.C.E.: How to Bring Compassion Into Your Interactions With Others, because it incorporated the concepts explored in our class over the course of the semester. The article defined compassion as, “the capacity to be attentive to the experience of others, to wish the best for others, and to sense what will truly serve others.” I felt this definition of compassion was very similar to how our class defined compassion. The article continues to discuss how to achieve and experience compassion through the GRACE model, which is designed to be applied to the medical world but I believe the GRACE model can be applied to the business world as well. “GRACE” is an acronym. The G stands for gather your attention, which is when you pause, breathe in, and give yourself time to be grounded. This concept related back to our class disuses on mindfulness and meditation. The R stands for recall your intention, which is when you remember what your life is really about. This concept relates to Sandburg’s advice to be the authentic women. The “A” represents being attune by first checking in with yourself, then whomever you are interacting with. I believe this concept was applied to how watch person from SIGN 350 interacted with each other while debating concepts from class. The “C” stands for compassionate what will really serve the other person by being truly present for this one and letting insights arise. This concept relates to being open to seeing things in a fresh way. For example, listening to a student from a different disciple explain how she feels. Finally, the “E” stands for engage, which is when change and compassionate action emerges from the sense of openness. I believe this concept relates to being...
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