Women with Science

Topics: Science, Childhood, Technology Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: May 24, 2013
In Vietnam, there are very few women who pursuit a science or technology career (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Either because they do not realize their potentials or they do not get adequate supports. To enter the fields of science and technology, women need to believe in themselves, are free to be who they are, and to receive greater encouragement.

Vietnamese women usually avoid science and technology careers because they are trapped in a pattern of thought: ‘Men are better in those fields’. However, everyone is born with the same intelligence and this varies from people to people because of changes in their lifestyle over time not because of their gender. Women should believe that they can think independently and intelligently as much as men do. They can solve logical problems as well and fast as men do. This confidence should be effectively integrated in early childhood development to ensure that women do not underestimate themselves in choosing a career because of self-prejudice over gender.

Family plays a very crucial role in shaping a child’s future. At a very young age many Vietnamese girls are discouraged from pursuiting a science or technology career for the sake of their future marriage life. Many parents mistakenly believe that girls with too high an education level would find it difficult to get marriage. Even if they can find a match for their intelligence, the marriage would not be happy one if the girls do not pretend that they are inferior to their husbands. This old-fashioned belief should be abadoned. Women should have the rights to choose how their lives would be, whether they would be single or married, and to be who they are.

Science and technology career are very demanding and women need encouragement from family to be able to devote in the fields. Vietnam as well as other countries in Asia have traditional beliefs that women are born to get married, bear children and do housework. This puts a severe pressure on...
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