Women vs Men in the Business World

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Women verses Women verses Men in the Business World

Valerie Roberts

BUS 600 Management Communications with Technology

Prof. Arthur Baldonado, Ph. D.

July 3, 2011


I feel that in today’s society more women are now starting to seek business degrees, because men currently out number women. Men feel that women are weak and should remain at home raising the kids. I strongly feel that women leaders are needed more now in organizations. It is not about power and control; it is about being supportive and knowing how to give that support. Even though, men and women will do anything for success, however, on the other hand women sabotage one another while climbing to the top in order to obtain the success, power and control. However, I feel that if we as women could come up with an “GOOD OLE’ GIRL” system in which it could help to open the doors for me executive positions in the business world.

Concepts of Leadership

Leadership is a process that a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. Austin and Peters (1985) observed that “Leaders carry out this process by applying their leadership attributes, such as beliefs, values, ethnics, character knowledge, and skills” (pg. 19). As a manager, supervisor, or lead, gives you the authority to achieve certain tasks and objectives in the organization, which this power does not make you a leader, it basically makes you the person in charge. Let’s say for instance, you are a contemporary leader in a political arena, these individuals can take heart and gain great strength from knowing that Lincoln succeeded, and from understanding his methods in overcoming adversity, you must have stamina, fortitude, and self-confidence. “In order for you to be a great leader you must believe in yourself” (Phillips, 1992, p 74).

Similarities between effective Management and Leadership

Effective leadership skills is not just about showing your dominance in things rather, it would be a good idea for you to give stable feedback to your colleagues or minor. By being very careful about your approach would help you to achieve your targets with simplicity. I feel like you should always ensure that you commend when the job is complete and pass judgment when needed. Lad (2008) emphasized that “By having the right approach and spirit towards work, you can motivate others to be equally energized about work” (pg. 5). In some difficult areas of activities, such as achievement of targets, goals, deadlines, outcomes, objectives, managing budgets, controlling costs, maintaining quality standards, producing goods, or delivering services. The effective management of soft areas of activities, such as in communications, coaching, training, and development, managing resistance, and providing support for those who are affected by these changes.

Without success at this level, the strategies will fail. The Lincoln principles clearly states, “Refrain from reading attacks upon yourself so you won’t be provoked. Don’t be terrified by an excited populace and hindered from speaking your honest sentiments” (Phillips, 1992, p75). Consistency needs to be a subtle trademark in a leader. Such dependability from a leader inspires trust and makes people feel more comfortable on a daily basis. We as leaders must remain consistent in how we treat others, how we delegate assignments, promotions and how we as leaders should manage as a manager. While being a model of consistency, we must be uncommonly flexible. Furthermore, I believe this will improve our chances into being good leaders and managers.

Differences between Leadership and Management

Leadership is setting a new direction or vision for a group that they follow in a fresh direction. Management controls or directs people and resources in a group according to the principles or values that have been created. Austin...

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