women vs men

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Men VS Women
What’s the difference between a female and a male, other than physical appearance? Growing up you always see in Disney movies and cartoons that women need to be saved from evil and the only person that can save them is prince charming, or they show how women have to cook and clean, while men are shown fighting, hunting and being free in the wild. Also when you go to a toy store or clothing store for kids, all the boys’ clothes and toys are in blue, everything for girls in pink. Who decides what colors I like best, the store owner, the manufacture, my parents, society? I’m pretty sure society had a big part in why girls wear pink and boys blue, because even in baby showers when babies aren’t even born yet, the “it’s a boy” shower is on in blue, and for girls in pink. I know many people would say so what it’s just a cartoon movie or it’s just a color, but when you start reading about different cultures and comparing reality to this social idea and Disney movies, the idea of princes charming is a far fetch from reality. I have heard a bunch of stories of girls getting rape, assaulted, and kidnap, and like one out of twenty the girl gets rescued and it isn’t by prince charming its most likely to be a cop doing his or her job. But yet society creates this illusion that women have to stay home, clean, cook, and take care of the kids, while the man goes out to find a way to put food on the table. What happens if you become a single mother who puts food on the table? Why doesn’t Disney show that story? I guess the real question is why movies and cartoons show that only men can work and provide for their family, when there’s over thousands of single women doing the same jobs as men and raising a family on their own.

I don’t know if I just make a big deal about women having equal rights as men, because of the fact that for more than half of my life I was raised by a single mother, or because I was always thought to defend myself by my single mother...
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