Women Suffrage in the 1920's

Topics: Women's suffrage, Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Suffrage Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: December 11, 2010
The 1920’s was a huge struggle for women around the U.S. Huge rallies were formed and outrageous furry was spread city to city. All this drama and series of strikes was caused by the women that were eager to have the same rights as everyone else, without and racial or gender profiling against them. But late in that time period, that wasn’t the cause. After numerous protests and the creating of the women’s national party, little did they know but it would soon become a huge success for all women around the globe. The 19th amendment guaranteed women the right to vote, and it went into effect in 1920. It had begun settling rates at levels intended to ensure the industries profits full woman suffrage before 1920, eighth date granted partial woman suffrage before 1920. No woman suffrage until ratification of 19th amendment. Elizabeth caddy staton becomes president of the national women’s suffrage association. Women also began appearing on the political scene and in elected offices. Winifred mason huck of representatives in 1922 was the first. The woman suffrage movement got off to a slow start. Some people threatened women suffragrates, and sold they were unfeminine and immoral. Many if its supports were abolitionists as well. In the years before the civil war abolishing slavery took priority. Many job opportunities were available for women. One of them being the biggest company at the time. They worked as operators at telephone companies. It was a great and easy job and didn’t involve doing much. It was better than staying home completing the daily tasks taken place at what was called, "A women’s place", in the 1920's. Now it was not only at home but also in their workplace.

Suffragists march in a 1912 rally in New York City. In 1920, after decades of struggle for the right to vote, the Nineteenth Amendment's ratification granted female suffrage.
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