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TERM PAPER: “women should be given a chance to become a leader” The purpose of this paper is to argue with orthodox statement that saying men is meant to be a leader and to prove that women also have the ability to be a leader instead of men. As part of that, it is obviously show that the deeds of women have not always been acknowledged as it's because, most societies have been patriarchal. According to Oxforddictionaries.com, patriarchal means “relating to or denoting a system of society or government controlled by men”. Until the twentieth century, women didn't have many choices for what they could do with their lives (Heather Ball 2007). However, as the time past and half of the world's population are women in today’s world (United Nation 2010), it is urged that women should be given a chance to become a leader whether in family, society, organization or international level to represent their group or even the whole society as they are quality and quantity proven. There are several factors or facts that support the statement that woman should be given a chance to become leaders that are most of universities students are women, a lot of women hold a superior position in any organization and also the advantages of women’s nature itself. The first factor that entitled women to become a leader is a fact that shows most of universities students are women. A study by Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) found that 49.2% women opt for higher education in United Kingdom whereas the male only clock for 37.2%. This fact was supported by United Nations (2010) figures that indicate 51% of worldwide universities students are women. The study shows in tertiary enrolment, men’s dominance has been reversed globally and gender disparities favour women, except in sub-Saharan Africa and Southern and Western Asia. Globally, gender balance has shifted in favour of women, which increased 5% percentage points for the period 1990 to 2007. As many individuals argued the interconnection between the number of universities students and the quality to become a leader, it is obvious one’s must possess a higher education to lead a group of people. In the other words, high education is a vital factor to build interpersonal and leadership skills and it is very weird and not practical to have leaders that represent a group of people with a very minimal education qualification. As we can see globally, leaders who possess a very minimal education qualification do not perform well in terms of managing their own nation. For instance, former Indonesian President, Suharto who only obtained a secondary level education had failed to lead the Republic of Indonesia towards a developed nation even though was given 32 years of time to do so. In the meantime, although it can be argued that the ‘gigantic’ number of students doesn’t meant that female student perform well compare to male students in their education and therefore they are not qualified to become a leader, but the study by United Nations (2010) showing the contrary of that statement. United Nations (2010) has found that once enrolled in school, female students tend to do better than male students. It shows that, in 158 countries with data on repetition rates by gender in the period 2000–2007, in 124 countries male students repeated at a higher rate than female students while only in 11 countries did females repeat at a higher rate than boys. So, it is clearly showed that women are the dominant gender in the high education institute/university and they also are well performed on their studies. Therefore, when they are highly educated, they actually had equipped themselves with the extraordinary interpersonal and leadership skills.

Accordingly, when a person opt for higher education and had performed well on their studies, they usually will possess a superior post in their career sooner. Therefore, the second factor that support women should be given a chance to...
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