Women Security in India

Topics: Security, Crime, India Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Security Of Women In India
A major concern is that though women has reached everywhere in every field but still a question arises,“IS SHE SAFE”. Latest statistics released by National Commission for Women (NCW) proved that India is unsafe for women and Uttar Pradesh emerged as the most insecure place for women followed by Delhi. After more than 60 years of sovereignty, this fact is shameful for citizens. Police records show high incidence of crimes against women in India.Most working women across India feel insecure about their safety ,mostly during night shifts.Everyday ,there is atleast one or more news about shocking incidents of harrasment or sexual assault against women. Recently there came news of murder and rape of BPO women in Bangalore and Delhi .In most cases, culprits are roaming freely and fearlessly, and cases are lying in various district court. So,what are the reasons behind this?One of the main reason is the weak functioning administration.In some cases,police doesn’t take any action if such incident happens in its presence and remains silent which is very embarrassing for our police department.In most of the cases, the criminals are arrested but released on bail and no strict punishment is given to them . Though our government is making many laws but they are not strictly followed. So,women are not safe in part of the country. Women laws and amendments which are made for the safety and empowerment, need to be revised and refined so that any women here can express herself and fulfill her desires and dreams.There should be some organisations and NGOs for the protection of women and girls by providing emergency phone numbers. Other measures that can be taken include providing self defence training to women; installing safety devices at the work place; undertaking police verification of cab drivers, security guards and peons who are deputed on night shifts and setting up efficient complaint redressal systems.
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