Women Scientific Revolution

Topics: Science, Gender role, Scientific method Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: October 29, 2013

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Ever wondered what role women played in the scientific revolution? You will soon find out. The scientific revolution was dominated by men, but a select few females actually put their brains to work. Normally women didn’t participate in anything that had to do with education. During the scientific revolution it became a trend for woman to be involved. The input of most women was ignored because of the most common views of men,

During the scientific revolution “normal women” didn’t receive education. If a women was exposed to any type of education is was because she was of higher class. Like the men of the revolution, women formed their own hypothesis and completed their own experiments. If any women participated it was because of their own likings. No one participated by force or because it was required.

Maria Cuntiz was one of the many important women during the scientific revolution. She became interested in science and the discovery of new things because she was born to a scientist. She didn’t receive any formal education but was taught by her father. Maria herself was very talented without the help of others. She knew seven languages, wrote poetry, painted, and more. As far as her role as a scientist she is most remember for her book “Urania Propotia”. The book introduced new tables and calculation methods. It made it easier to solve “Keplers Problems.” It was said that she wrote the book on her own with no help from her self-proclaimed husband. Maria was so important to some that a memorial was even built dedication to her.

During the scientific revolution women were in superior to men in the subject of medicine also. Women roles in the birthing and conceiving processes were questioned. During the scientific revolution medicine expanded. Many things were discovered about women and how they functioned. During this time the microscope was created which help further the knowledge of the human body itself....
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