Women Rome vs China

Topics: Marriage, Roman law, Ancient Rome Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Women (Rome VS China)
In the past, women have been generally regarded as inferior to men. This can been seen through the way women were treated in society, having little rights and freedom, and subjected to the whims and fancy of their husbands. They were regarded as not only mentally inferior to men but also physically inferior. In addition, they were seen as evil and a master of seduction. In Greek mythology, for instance, it was said that a woman named Pandora, brought disaster and suffering to mankind by opening the forbidden box. Ancient Roman law condemned women to be forever inferior to men. In Ancient Rome, the head of the family, the "pater familias", who is the father of the family, owned everything and everyone in his home. He had the legal right to punish any member of his household with death, if he chose. He could sell his children into slavery, if necessary, and, if he had two or more sons, he might as well give one to a friend who had none. In contrast, the mother in the Roman family had no legal rights and no involvement in the public affairs of Rome. It was the role of the mother to look after the children and, in poorer families, to do all of the domestic work herself. She was allowed more freedom, however, than many of her contemporaries in other lands. She could visit friends and go to the Forum, the baths, the public libraries, the temples and the shows at the amphitheater. In traditional Chinese society, a woman had no right to go to school, of which only the men could, and had to serve her husband and her husbands' parents, bear sons and do all the household chores. In addition, a woman who committed adultery was strongly condemned by the society and regarded as a disgrace to her family. The husband, ironically, was allowed to have as many wives as he liked. The same went for the Sumers of Mesopotamia, where the adulterous wife was sentenced to death while the adulterous husband was spared. However, I would say that discrimination against...
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