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Topics: Motivation, Peshawar, Cosmetics Pages: 11 (3267 words) Published: January 17, 2013
International Review of Business and Social Sciences www.irbss.org

Vol. 1, No. 9, Aug 2012 [68-76] ISSN: 2226-4124


SHAHZAD KHAN PhD Scholar International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan Shahzadkhan.lecturer@gmail.com

FARYAL NOOR MS Scholar City University of Science I-T Peshawar Pakistan city.uni67@yahoo.com

Abstract The main aim of this research is to find out that what are the key factors that influence of buying behavior of females for cosmetics in Peshawar Pakistan. There are eleven factors identified from previous studies i,e price, quality, motivation, product information, attitude, culture, consumer resources, personality, brand image, group & family & purchasing adviser. On the basis of independent variables 11 hypothesis were developed. A structured self administered Questionnaire distributed among 110 female students of three universities. Model summary, ANOVA & co-relation has used in this study with the help of SPSS version 20.0. The findings of this study showed that the quality, brand image & personality have a strong association with buying behavior of female for purchase of cosmetic in Peshawar Pakistan. The research result proved that there is a positive & significant relationship between these factors price, quality, motivation, product information, attitude, culture, consumer resources, personality, brand image, group & family & purchasing advisor. Key Words: Female Buying Behavior, Cosmetics, Peshawar Region.

Introduction Olden time illustrate that cosmetics have been used from the very starting. Recently it was set this current name “Cosmetics.” Cosmetics have been used very frequently and properly. It has been used in diverse kinds for a long time. To state an instance, the long tradition of cosmetics, its basis was setup in china in the forth era B.C. Loveliness is the requirement of everyone in this new world. At the present time models are represented in dissimilar Medias such as television, the fashion shows, Magazines, the commercials, have turn out to be the favorite personalities of


International Review of Business and Social Sciences www.irbss.org

Vol. 1, No. 9, Aug 2012 [68-76] ISSN: 2226-4124

everyone. Each person wishes to seem like these models, have a gorgeous skin and excellent body structure like them. This necessitates the significance of cosmetics products. But in which words cosmetics can be explained? Cosmetics are those important and significant things which strengthen the loveliness of human structure. That is why we reimburse for cosmetics. Various products like soap, shampoo, hair cares, makeup and perfumes are involved in cosmetics. These days thousands of brands and kinds are present in cosmetics. Women are often more concerned with cosmetics. No doubt cosmetics have enhanced their good looks and façade. These are the grounds they are more responsive to beauty than their physical condition. Females are more aware to cosmetics to definite patterns of attractiveness. To seem to be change is the prior preference of every woman. This paper focuses on the buying behavior of females for cosmetics. This paper explain all the important parts of the discussion on their selection of cosmetics, their purchasing and repurchasing behavior and the factors that compel them towards cosmetics. Literature Review Literature review explain previous studies on various factors like price, quality, products information, motivation, culture, attitude, brand image, consumer resources, group and family and purchasing advisor that might influence the purchasing decision of females for cosmetics and how their buying behavior affected by these factor.



Price is a thing that is specified to buy and acquire some manufactured goods. The buying behavior of females for cosmetics is usually affected by the price. Solomon...

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