Women Rights in the Middle East

Topics: Human rights, Middle East, Iran, Woman, Law, Saudi Arabia / Pages: 3 (551 words) / Published: Dec 10th, 2013
Women Rights in the Middle East

In the past five years, women rights in the Middle East have been close to non-existent. Most of the female population around the world has increased their rights as a woman, but as for the Middle Eastern women, not so much. These women, still to this day, continue to suffer from an unfair lack of human rights.
In this specific area of the world, any freedom at all is extremely scarce. Freedom House’s ‘Freedom in the World 2010’ report that in 2009, civil liberties and political rights dropped dramatically for the fourth year in a row with the Middle East region coming in last. As of now, 88% of the region seems to lack democratic institutions, an independent judiciary, and a freedom of association for improvements for women group. Important laws, such as ones against marital rape and spousal abuse are completely unavailable. Progress has been made somewhat in this part of the world for females, but not enough to be celebrated.
As for the improvements women have received, the most substantial would be that in Kuwait, woman now vote and run in elections. In Bahrain, women can receive a passport with no approval from a male. These advances have impacted their lives substantially, but still didn’t even make a dent in the large list of habits to be changed. Women support groups in Jordan spent multiple years providing protection against violence based on gender. These groups disagreed with the Syrian Governments idea to make religious influence more important than family law. Actions made by these groups forced for the idea to be dismissed.
Sussan Tahmasebi, and Iranian activist who has worked on promoting women’s rights for over a decade, said the women in Iran would like to change two things. The first issue they would like to eliminate is a reversal of the policies under Ahmadinejad’s government that pushed women to where they are now. The second change they’re hoping for, are rights such as a reform of the legal system

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