Women Right's in Pakistan

Topics: Pakistan, Domestic violence, North-West Frontier Province Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: August 10, 2011
Women’s right in pakistan
The protection and promotion of women's rights has become an acceptable element of the culture in most developed western economies. However, in many other countries throughout the world such rights are either non-existent or, where efforts are being made to implement new laws, these moves are being violently opposed by some other segments of the population. The development of women's rights in Pakistan, unfortunately, falls within this latter category. As a report produced in 2000 by the Asian Development Bank observed, one of the main issues that has led to the subordination of and discrimination against women within Pakistan society is the cultural and religious practices that have developed over the centuries. Historically, women's rights have been considered to apply solely within the home and to their role as mothers and wives, yet these have been enforced positions rather than choice. The consequence of this situation has been that in areas of health, education and the workplace women's rights have, until quite recently, been poorly served and observed within Pakistan. In all of these areas women have been oppressed and have been disadvantaged and indeed abused. In recent years there have been some attempts made by Pakistan government's to improve the position of women and their rights. In late 2006 the Women's Protection Bill was introduced which sought to improve women's rights in relation to divorce, and domestic violence. In terms of equality Pakistan has also incorporated 'equal employment opportunity' within its constitution and a national law, allowing for a third of local legislative and political positions to be filled by women, has also been introduced. However, many of these improvements have been opposed by, what is called ' a minority segment of society, which has led to increasing violent acts being committed against women, including murder and intimidation. Evidence of this can be seen in the destruction of three...
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