women representation on the boards of directors

Topics: Board of directors, Management, Woman Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: October 1, 2013
Question1: Given that woman participate in the labor force in roughly the same proportion as men, why do you think women occupy so few seats on boards of directors?
Woman participation and equality on work positions have been staying at all the time. Lately, this issue is concerned more than before and many countries tend to increase the woman representation especially on the boards of directors. There is a perception that its better the men should lead any organization and they could have better been staying in the boards on director position among the people. I think this perception came from earlier ages and still keeping in the people's mind.

In the research studies, the women are more responsible to make a decision, to optimize the solution accurately in many ways. The only thing that I don't want to agree with that there are still gender diversification in the organizations that doesn't depend on who could do better and have more ability. Meanwhile, women do the job as same proportion as men do, but there are more chances for men to lead the organization and take boards of directors in all kinds of job that requires such abilities either women do better than men naturally. In my opinion is that want to make an equality, any work positions to be available for anyone whoever has more ability on it, and also if women can participate in the labor force same as men, there should be women participation on the seats of director or leader positions. Because in real life, women are handling a lot of responsibilities on their own family life matters. Besides these many issues women are still not to overlook their career and work. That is why I think the women are more ability to organize everything at the same time and could focus on their job accurately. Question2: Do you agree with the quotas established in many EU countries? why or why not?

There are many different cultural countries when contrasting the women participation on the boards of director....
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