Women Portrayed in Hip Hop Videos

Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: May 16, 2013
In the hip hop video ‘Wet’ by Snoop Dogg, women are shown dancing together wearing little more than a bikini. The woman are usually shown either dancing sexually together or grinding against something, trying their best to either get the males attention or to please them. The video shows that women are not being valued for anything other than their appearance/actions. They get judged on what they’re doing rather than what their personality is.

Woman in hip hop videos are portrayed as sex objects and are usually doing something dirty in front of a man or several men. Like in ‘Wet’, the women are usually shown grinding against the wall as Snoop Dogg walks past them, as though choosing which one he would prefer. It makes the viewers suggest that the woman don’t mind doing it and it is what they like. It also suggests that the male is more dominant and it is up to him in which he prefers. In some videos, women are shown dancing sexually with each other for a man’s pleasure. Even though the women are all straight, they are shown to be dancing together dirtily and would do anything to pleasure the males. It is usually shown that the male is watching the females dance together, enjoying what they view. If males were to dance dirtily together for a woman’s pleasure, then that would be described as unattractive and the video may get less viewers. The videos make it seem as though this is what females should do when really it is false. In the clips, the men are always shown to be the more dominant one, the one that the women want

to be with and try to impress. It is almost never the female who is dominant and the most important one. The videos trick us into thinking what it truly is to be a female. Like said above, woman are portrayed as sex objects, doing anything to get a males attention. The viewers may be influenced into thinking that this may be how a woman is supposed to be acting and dressing. They get tricked into thinking that is it normal when really it...
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