Women: Past and Present

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The Past and Present: From North American Women to Women of the Middle East

Introduction to Anthropology

The Past and Present: From North American Women to Women of the Middle East
The female plays a vital role in every culture, but the expectation of a woman is different from North America to the Middle East. American women had to fight for their current rights, but in some countries women are not given the opportunity to fight, or even think it. Both religion and men from the Middle East play a major role in the Islamic woman’s beliefs, education, and even health. Imagine the American women of the past, who were not able to have an education, expected to bare children, expected to wear a dress and had no say in the political world. Now, let’s travel to the Middle East, present day, notice that time and rules have yet to change for these women. American women’s life before the 1920’s was very similar to the Middle East women of today. Acts like the 1920’s Woman’s Suffrage Act helped modernize the North American woman. In The Woman Citizen, Stanley Lemons describes Women’s Emancipation as “the elimination of oppressive restrictions imposed by sex”. Men had the power over women for many years in America and that same power is still present in countries such as Morocco, Iraq and Afghanistan. In Empowering Women, Developing Society, by Farzaneh Roudi-Fahimi and Valentine M. Moghadam, it states, “Woman in the Middle East region must obtain permission from a male relative, usually a husband or father, before seeking employment, requesting a loan, starting a business, or traveling”. According to Farzaneh’s article, only 20% of Middle East Women are in the labor force. They have the lowest level of employed females than any other region. In the states, that percentage is much higher and steadily increasing. This same “power of man” is not just responsible for the employment of women, but it extends to their education. When the topic of education

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