Women of India

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Women of India

Women and men have always had opposing differences since the beginning of time. In this paper I am going to discuss the role of the women of India verses the role of women in America and I am going to tell you why I think the women of India are treated disgracefully. Female feticide, dowry deaths and domestic abuse offer a gruesome background of basic cruelty in India. In a typical society in India a person will find that there are still beliefs and traditions about women that are not relevant to the American woman, but instead are an inheritance from their brutal past. This is the case in traditional women, women of rural societies, and women of urban societies (Vidyut , 2007).

Women of American societies have been empowered and freed from many decades before modern time when women had less power than men. Now, women and men are gaining the same amount of power, while in the past men were the only holders of power.  Women still face different obstacles that men do not but the female role in American society has a future (Evalee, 2009). Aside from the more noticeable changes that have widely affected the role of women in American society, there has been a subtle change of the role women play in the household, especially in the last sixty years.  Overtime women have gone from being just a housewife, with the sole responsibility of darning the stockings, fetching the groceries, scrubbing the toilets, cooking the meals and minding the children as the primary homemakers and caretakers while men earn the money.  Now, in America, women and men are both breadwinners. There was a time in history when women were unable to voice their opinion in politics by not having the privilege to cast a vote or to run for office, and now in our modern time there was more than one woman running in the presidential campaign (Evalee, 2009). The stereotype surrounding the role placement on women is slowly dissolving and both men and women are...

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