Women of ghana

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Women in Ghana
Ghana is located in West Africa. The country is divided by 10 regions. which are Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Central, Eastern, Greater Accra, Northern, Upper East, Upper West, Volta and Western.The word Ghana means “Warrior King” and is derived from the ancient Ghana Empire. Ghana was the first place in sub-Saharan Africa where Europeans arrived to trade in gold. Christianity is the largest religion in Ghana, and mostly in southern areas and parts of the northern regions. While Islam is more widespread in parts of the northern regions. Christian–Muslim relations in Ghana are peaceful, tolerant and bilateral. Christianity is practiced by some 69 percent of the population. Islam is the faith of 16% of the population. Traditional religion is practiced by 8.5%. There are also religion in which combine Christianity or Islam with traditional beliefs.

The Ashanti are the largest group among the Akan-Speaking people. Who live in southern part of Ghana around Kumagai. Then Ashanti are agricultural people. They grow maize, plantain, banana, yam and cocoa. In traditional society gold played a huge role. British referred to the country as the gold coast. Until it became independent in 1957 and took the name Ghana after the ancient kingdom. During this time period everything influence a woman's status.

Matrilineal descent (blood related) is the key to Ashanti social political organization. It determines its clans affiliation. The mothers child bond incorporates a man into his mother's clan. As every lineage(descent from ancestors) belongs to one of the seven clans. And ashanti Proverbs states that if youre mother dies you have no lineage kin left. Every Ashanti by birth a member of mothers lineage. The bond gives us an example of the importance of women in ashanti society. But by formal authority in ashanti society is held by men. The highest authority is head of ashanti people and of state “ Ashantehere”

A women Yaa Asantewaa , who is one of the most...
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