Women of Color in Society

Topics: Gender, Woman, Person of color Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: June 29, 2012
Women of color bear a double burden of prejudice and discrimination in both global and domestic terms. Why? Be sure to answer all parts of this question with enough examples to prove your point.

Oppression in society has always been a contributing factor in how society is shaped and how our belief systems are built. No matter how much we grow as a civilization, humanity will always find one way or another to have some sort of hierarchy in societies. Traceable all through out our recorded history the suitability of our social status will always be an arbitrating dynamic. Weather it being because of the color of our skin, our gender or even sexual orientation, society meaning we as the people, always seam to want to point to the finger in who has the right or not. So how to deal when you have two short ends of the stick? Being not only a woman but also a woman of color in today’s society. Although by law today it is illegal to come forth with discrimination against woman and people of color it is to say that non-the less it still does happen, and quite frequently for that matter.

The issue of gender inequality is the result of many other contributing factors weather we may be aware of them or not. There are a number different means that contribute to the derivation of such oppressive behaviors such as government, men, religion and economy or global corporations. Religion will always hold an important position in all societies globally, because a person’s faith may be an important aspect to the guidance of ones life path. A relevant example to this matter may be how many religions discourage contraceptive devices because according to religions, women are there for reproductive purposes and nothing more. For example, the Catholic religion strongly and openly opposes contraception and abortion because the bible emphasizes women’s role as mothers. So already from the “beginning of time” as the bible ever so boldly chooses to phrase it, women have very little...

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