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Women Makes Better Politician Than Men

By azizulhakim Sep 04, 2013 984 Words
Women Make Better Politician Than Men

There has been a lot of buzz in mainstream media highlighting powerful women on the rise. There is Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook and author of Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead; Marissa Mayer, newly appointed CEO of Yahoo!; Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, and other very obvious selections. As a result, this long overdue attention on powerful women has led some people to ask the question: “Do women make better leaders or even politician than men?”. Some says that women make better politician than men because women are more collaborative, democrative, persuasive, and productive and have a desire to build than desire to win. Here are the facts.

First of the reason why women make better politician than men is women have more desire to build than the desire to win, according to Debra Burrell (2011), a psychological social worker and regional training director of the Mars-Venus Institution in New York, most females of females supervisors usually have more of a wish to develop than a wish to win and also females are more willing to discover bargain and search for other individuals views. Women able to pay attention others and create the world without war, this indicates that they can make better political figures and do things for benefit of people.

On the other hand, women tend to be better than men at empowering staff. Alex (2011) writes, “Remembering my six credit time of mindset, females are usually more willing to compromise to accomplish "half a loaf" outcomes without losing the connection in the procedure. Men usually see any issue as an "all or nothing" fight where effective is more important than accomplishing outcomes. There are many females strong points to be a better leader than men like, most of the time females are usually better than men at strengthening team, they motivate awareness and are more available, they react easily for support, they recognize problems easily and perfectly and they are better at interpreting job exclusions and offering reviews”. This is why women are good at empowering staff.

Besides that, female manager are more collaborative and democratic than men. According to the New York Times (The Opinion Pages, 2 August 2009) There are powerful females leaders all over the globe serving successfully in their specific areas and most of them are politician. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor is the best example. She leads Europe's most vivid economic system and is commonly considered as the de facto innovator of the EU. In a latest study performed in Italy revealed that the France had more trust in Angela than in their Chief executive, Nicolas Sarkozy. She is one of the highly effective females management in the Forbes list. We cant ignore Hillary Clinton, the Assistant of State have proven her amazing represents by managing challenging circumstances like Osama's loss of life, WikiLeaks' launch of delicate United states diplomatic wires etc. She has efficiently managed many challenging circumstances until time frame. Like them there are many females management Sonia Gandhi, Chief executive of The legislature celebration in Indian, Christine Lagarde, the first lady to run the IMF are among the effective females management.

Besides that, female manager are more collaborative and democratic than men. According to Carol Smith (2009) , the senior vice president and chief brand officer for the Elle Group, demonstrates, women supervisors are more collaborative and democratic than men supervisors. Also, she stated that females use a more beneficial strategy by motivating and motivating others rather than a bad strategy of scolding and reprimanding them. Also, females be present at more time to the individuals they work with, be a guidance to them and taking their particular circumstances into account.

Next, women politicians are the most productive and persuasive. Daily Beast (2011) reviews on a new study that reveals women governmental figures are among the most effective and powerful ones in the nation. This analysis in the United states Publication of Political Technology is the first to evaluate the performance of men and female politicians. It reveals that females do a better job at obtaining sources for their home districts and shaping policy. As for policy, females provided more bills and drawn more co-sponsors than their men counterparts. The women politicians' expenses also made it further through the legal process and got more press interest.

Other than that, women are not just concern with own health, but the health of our children or husband. According to Yvonne Galligan and Sara Clavello (Gender and Society, 2008) A second group of opinions drew attention not so much to female's “natural” abilities but to female's experience and how these can have a positive effect on the quality of policy making. These participants discussed how their own unique experience as females had provided to improve their feedback into wellness, knowledge, and social protection guidelines. Yet, only one participant extended on this gendered perspective to include typically non feminine areas of interest: “I consider everything essential from the perspective of females, and I do not believe in the reductive dogma of “women’s issues.” The problem of energy is an integral aspect of determining the household price range, and therefore it issues females since it is mainly they who plan the household price range. Drug research is a female's problem because us, females, are not just involved with our own wellness but the wellness of our children or spouses also is really a significant aspect of our lifestyles.” (Member of the Western Parliament [MEP], socialist group, Hungary)

It is concluded that women are better politician than men if the benchmark are from the perspective of collaborative, democrative, persuasive, and productiveness. Carol Smith (2011) said “It is evident that women can be a better politician than men but it can be even nicer if Men and women work together”

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