Women Leadership and Community Development Summary

Topics: Leadership, Gender, Management Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: March 24, 2012
The summary of this paper, women traditionally acted as a good follower to men. Most of the administration, organization and the government has been the domain by men gender. But now the women can play a great role of leader and have a good leadership quality as men. The transformational-transactional leadership styles have become popular in management. Transactional leadership is based on exchanges when followers give good result, then the leader will reward accordingly. Transformational leadership is more to guide and to motivate followers to see become more visionary and charismatic. Women leaders tend to be more transformational compare to men. Rosener (1990), in a survey of male and female executive with similar jobs and education and of similar age, found that women tend to be more transformational in their leadership style than men. Lots of other survey and research have been done and the leadership differences because of the differences of behavior of male and female. This paper had conducted a survey in small community. In community society, each community is different from another. Women believe that they managed differently than most men. Attention less to themselves and more focus of the group can make the community members come together. They also maintain close relationship and open communication. These women leader act also as the ‘mother’ of the community. The community will feel more caring and getting more attention. Leadership of a women is more toward holistic and personal approach in developing the community. This approach has a greater impact on the community development. But they still face some of the challenges as a women leader such as balancing of role as women and leader, resistance from some members and lack of funding.
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