Women in Uniform

Topics: Armed forces, Military, Classified information Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: March 22, 2001
Women in Uniform and Out

As the war raged across Europe, America came to the realization that in order to win they were going to have to change how they thought about women. During the first year of the war women were allowed to do very few jobs for the armed forces, this however changed the following year. America saw that it did not have enough man to do all the jobs that men were needed for and the only answer to this problem was to have women take over were they could. During the war a great deal of change occurred. Women were being offered jobs as officers such as Colonel Mary Halloween and General Jeanne Holm. Women like these two joined the service and fought hard to get the promotions that they wanted, they also fought for other women, trying to make people see women as usefully members of the service not just clerks and phone operators. There were women like Marion Rivers Nittel and Alison Ely Campbell who went to work for factories that created the items our soldier's overseas need so bad. Claudine "Scottie" Lingelbach joined the WAVE after college and ended up dealing with Top Secret documents at the White House War Room. Then there was Margaret Ray Ringenberg who convinced the military to let women take care of the domestic military transportion, which would free up more men to go over seas. Thought these women received their orders from the military they were still considered civilians and received no veterans' benefits, even though thirty-eight of them died in the line of duty. Over Sixty thousand women served as nurses during WWII, sixteen died due to enemy action and over sixty-seven where taken as Prisoners of war. Mary Louise Roberts Wilson was one of those unfortunate nurses to be captured. This chapter has brought to my attention just who hard women had to fight just to be allowed to do the jobs in which they needed to do to help this country make it through WWII.
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