Women In The Workplace

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Women in the workplace
Today, we live in a society where men as well as women are working together in the workplace setting. Moreover, you see women working as Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, and even hard labor such as Construction workers just to name a few. Women are dominating a lot of these fields as time permits however, the gender inequality between and men and women is a major issue. One of the issues with this gender gap is wages and income. On average in 2010, women only made 77 cents to every dollar a man earned. Certain jobs are stereotyped as only men can do it and women are the weaker vessels, therefore cannot carry out the task. Is this fair? What is the root to gender inequality in the workplace? What is the biggest obstacle women face in the workplace today? Have women become stronger and more confident in the workplace looking back?

The necessity in many prestigious jobs is to put in very long work hours and then leave the more mundane aspects of daily life like cooking, grocery shopping, and picking up the kids to other people. This generally means that women put many more hours into these household activities than men. This greatly disadvantages women in the workplace. It is unrealistic to expect gender equality if workplaces demand that women be available all the time. Moreover, discrimination can come in many different forms towards women in the workplace. Pregnancy and family, a woman might attempt to conceal a pregnancy for fear of being passed over for a promotion due to the 12 weeks leave-time to which she is entitled to under the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act. Similarly, a pregnant woman might choose not to disclose her condition during an interview because of the assumption that she will be unable to work long hours after her baby is born. Appearance, in some instances, a female is the victim of discrimination because of her clothing or physical appearance. An employer might hire an attractive woman...
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