Women in the workplace

Topics: Gender, Business, Egypt Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: November 17, 2014

A Research Proposal by Miral Saad, Joud Hudhud, Dana El-Badawi and Firas Farhat October 13, 2014


Women in the workplace has become a popular topic due to women’s’ sudden rise of employment in the workplace. The reason as to why the rise was perceived as sudden is because back in the day, the culture that women were surrounded by did not encourage women to join the workplace nor did it associate adjectives such as “independent”, “leadership” and “manager” to females. Hence, there was no motive for women to work or look towards attaining high positions.

Today, with the advanced environment and more developed mentalities, women have been able to break the barrier that prevented them from working and are now a significant part of the workforce. Today’s leading women such as the famous architect Zaha Hadid prove this. However, as studies have shown a certain degree of inequality still exists, as more opportunities are made available for men.


The problem we face today is that given the fact that women are already accepted and are a huge part of the workplace they are still faced with major issues such as inequality.

To address this problem we will tackle the following:

-What are the main barriers that are stopping women from entering the workplace? -Are there certain positions in which women are not entitled to? -What are the different policies and procedures that apply to women? -Do men and women work in the same manner?


We are going to narrow down our topic to women inequality in the workforce in the Middle East, specifically Lebanon. We will focus on the differences companies faced after employing women along with the different policies implemented. We are also limiting our research to the current inequalities that still exist in industries and societies.


We will be using both primary and secondary research tools to enhance our sources. For the primary part,...

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