Women in the Workforce

Topics: Women's suffrage, Employment, Women's rights Pages: 3 (622 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Group: 6 Janelle Maskulka, Hannah Reifer, Laura Welker, Andrea McNett Group Leader: Hannah Reifer
Scribe: Janelle Maskulka
Topic: Women in the Workforce from the 1800- current

Outline and Student Responsibilities
Introduction: Our group will discuss how women in the past had limited working rights but over time laws and bills were passed that allowed women to grow in the workplace. However still today women are not treated as equals to their male counterparts. 1. 1800’s - Andrea McNett

• Before/ Early 1800s little to no rights and strictly housewives • Industrial Revolution
o Unmarried women worked in factories and moved to city o Caused women to delay marriage/ less children
• Women’s Rights
o More Independent
o Fought for equal wages
▪ Female Labor Reform Association in New England (1844) o Fought for education
o Fought for voting
• The National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) o Founded in 1840
o Mainly focused on women’s right to vote
o Branched into two subdivisions
▪ National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA) ▪ American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA) • Susan B. Anothony
2. 1900-1950 - Hannah Reifer
• Employment in 1900
o Women only had 5% gainful employment outside of the household ▪ Woman self-imagine began to change
• Went from only wanting children and a husband to wanting to be employed o By 1910 this employment rate had increased to 11% • Women in politics (voting rights)
o Also by 1910, only four states had equal women rights. ▪ These failures were partly due to people who believe that politics was no place for women • Women’s Suffrage Amendment (1920) (NAWSA)

o 19th amendment
o Can’t base the write to vote off of sex
• The...
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