Women in the Military

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Janice Hollingsworth
Prof. Mayo
English 1010
8 July 2011
Women in the Military – Women’s Fight to Fight
There has always been debate over whether or not women should serve in the military. Some argue that women should be the protected and not the protectors. Others argue that women in the military would only serve as a distraction to male soldiers and to the serious business of war. Then there is the question of a woman’s capabilities. Can a woman withstand the same rigorous requirements that are expected of their male counterparts? Despite the debates and speculation, women have always been present and will always be present in the military. From the behind the scenes telephone operators, to the nurses caring for the wounded on the battlefield, all the way up to the highest ranking officers, women hold important key positions in the armed forces. Women are making their presence in the military known and are demanding recognition for service for both past and present service.

The sacrifices of all women serving the military on the sidelines as nurses, cooks, seamstresses, and secretaries are somewhat well known. But very little is documented about women’s roles in the military history as enlisted soldiers. In the 11 Nov. 2004 article “Historian Recalls Women’s Roles at Army Camp Hale” by Dave Curtain of the Denver Post, Curtain describes the quest to restore the missing history of the 200 women who were the first to enlist in the army during WWII. The women were stationed along with 16,000 male soldiers at the Colorado Army Camp Hale. Curtain describes how the daughter of one of the first female soldiers visited the army camp and was shocked that there was no mention that the historical event ever took place. Curtain says the daughter launched a relentless 14 year research securing recorded and pictured accounts of several women who served at Camp Hale. She then published her work so that the women would get the recognition they deserved. One...

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