Women in the Infantry

Topics: Royal Marines, Female, Exercise Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: May 18, 2014

Professor Turner
Academic Writing I
19 July 2013
Women in the Infantry

To me nothing is more important than the safety of the Marines in my unit. Since becoming an infantryman I have learned that it takes extreme physical and mental strength to perform my duties. When I think about the infantry one thing always comes to mind: men. Since 1775, the infantry has been a male-only specialty in The Marine Corps. But that is about to change, and very soon I might add. Allowing women in the infantry would be historic, but would it be possible? Can women work in the infantry? . Before I joined the military, my father always told me that a man’s job is to protect women. With my father’s words in mind, I enlisted in The Marine Corps as an infantryman. As a young Marine, I was told things such as “women aren’t strong enough or fast enough for the infantry.” It seemed to me that The Marine Corps promoted this idea by instituting different physical fitness standards for men and women. For example, men must meet shorter running times than women and complete more extensive arm exercises. However, in 2012 The Marine Corps announced that two women would be allowed to attend Infantry Officers Course. This was the first step toward integrating women into the infantry. But I wonder if it was a step in the wrong direction? When I was in Iraq the physical demands of the infantry were far greater than the standard physical fitness test. I had to carry wounded infantrymen off of the battlefield and pull others over a wall in full combat gear. The Marine Corps is now allowing women to enter Infantry Officers Course without increasing their physical fitness standards. Surviving combat makes me wonder about the “what if’s” in life. What if I needed a female to carry me off the battlefield? Could she do it if her physical fitness standards are not as high as mine? The main reason I thought I would never see women in the infantry is because of psychological...
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