Women in the Fields

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Psychological abuse Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: April 18, 2014
Women in the Fields
Criminal Justice 3316

The documentary “Rape in Fields” was very heartbreaking. This documentary is about women who are abused and sexually harassed by their employers. Many women who are immigrant workers in farm fields and plants have gone through horrible ordeals. It’s sad to see that these women once didn’t have a voice because they were terrified of getting deported or fired. They kept quiet so they could continue working. They have suffered for so many years and have been through many awful days. Many Women who worked in the fields described the field as "the field of panties" and "the green motel." One could have never imagined what was happening in these fields if these women had never spoken. One of the women, Maricruz Ladino, explains that even though she hates remembering the past she is glad that women have finally decided to speak out. One of the reasons that many women get abused and harassed is the fact that they are women. These women’s gender determines how they are going to be treated when working in these types of jobs. Being a female can place these women in great danger. We live in a time were women have gotten many women rights and have learned to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, many undocumented women still don’t know that they have many rights. For example, Dolores Huerta, a civil right activist and founder of The United Farm Workers of America explains: “I became aware of it as a young woman, and my mother would never let me work in the fields…And then when I actually did go out and work in the fields, then, like all of the other women, I saw the foreman coming and hovering around you. And of course that was something that made you very nervous, because you didn’t know if they were just looking at your work or if they were looking at you.”(Frontline, 2013) The reason that they stay quiet it’s because they have to take care of their families and are afraid to lose their jobs. Men in this...
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