Women in the American Revolution

Topics: American Revolutionary War, American Revolution, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: April 24, 2012
“Let the daughters of Liberty, nobly arise” During the Revolutionary War, women who had previously been politically inactive took charge. They formed organized groups that involved themselves in multiple activities that helped support their yearning for American Independence, a nation apart from the British. In addition to organizing alliances of women activists, weaving their own clothing, and boycotting British tea, they also discontinued purchases of British imported goods altogether, which was a significant attribute to the independence of the American colonies. By refusing to use imported British goods, and encouraging others to abstain from them, these women proved to the British, as well as the rest of the colonists, that liberation was a only a hand woven shirt away. The women of colonial America learned to spin their own thread and weave their own cloth, in an effort to support the movement for independence. A traditional, household “chore” developed into a form of political activism. By spinning their own thread, and weaving their own cloth, they were able to become less reliant on British textiles, which in itself helped them become sovereign. To them, freedom was a source of pride, that patriotism and a knack for sewing would prove them independent. “…but what is the Produce of their own Country, and to appear as much as possible clothed with our own Manufactures, and that more especially which is the effects of their own Labour…” To produce enough cloth for an entire nation, several organizations of women would collect a sort of fee from their local citizens. “…have been collected upwards of 60,000 dollars—that a considerable part of the sums collected has been laid out in the purchase of linen and a thousand shirts are already made up…” Linen was an especially handy purchase. It could be made into a shirt for anyone, particularly a soldier. “….the purchasing of coarse Linen to be made into Shirts, with the whole amount of their subscription. A...
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