Women in the 1920's

Topics: World War II, 1920s, Woman Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Women in the 1920’s
Before the war, women in society were quiet, polite and modest. In the 1920’s women changed dramatically, they appeared wearing short sporting skirts, short haircuts, smoking frequently swearing and also riding motorcycles. Once the soldiers had left for war, the women left behind emerged from their houses to fill the jobs of the men to support the armed forces. The movement from home to work force led to the creation of the new 1920’s woman. Although the women had started working, they were only being paid for half the wage of men; a woman could leave the home to pursue a career, but society frowned upon this because women were expected to complete their duty as a mother and housekeeper. Women in the Work force

The War provided an opportunity for women to leave their homes and join the workforce, and leave their housework for a new and challenging job. World War I resulted in a high amount of women, married or single, with a job outside the home. When the men returned from war the women were not ousted from their jobs because they worked the efficiency of men, but were paid less. A man’s average wage was £10 40s while a woman was paid on average £8 80s. Employers found few reasons to employ men once the women were employed. The occupations of women included factory and domestic work, teaching, nursing, clerical, and secretarial, typing in offices and shop assistance. Although some women completed training courses, university degrees and higher education studies, these were still mainly limited to men. During the 1920’s women appeared on the political scene. Ms M. Preston Stanley wrote an article in the Sydney Daily Telegraph called “Woman to Women”, in the article she wrote about the arrogance of men and encouraged women for independence, 'Adam is a notoriously egocentric fellow who, with some honourable exceptions, believes that the universe was made for him and his sons, and that Eve and her daughters are people of a lesser growth,...

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