Women in Sports

Topics: Basketball, High school, National Basketball Association Pages: 5 (1945 words) Published: December 14, 2010
“Sport is a Reflection of society and, in many respects, society is a reflection of sport” (Holman p. 223). Due to the popularity of sport, it has an effect on the image of society. Sport is harder to enter into for women because the make up for sport is set up for male dominance. This shows that for some time sport was not held to the same laws of equality. Women had and still have to some degree, less opportunity than males do in sport. The greater laws of equality in society were not being passed on through sport. Since society today has realized the need for equality in society, sport is on its way to becoming equal. This means sport can no longer be exempt from sexual discrimination. This includes all types of sport who now must make decisions according to equality. In the sports world people often do not acknowledge female sports as much as men's sports. Women sports are newer and hence the reason for them not getting the recognition they deserve. But the sports world is starting to see how women's sports can be just as interesting and exciting as men's sports can be. I am going to show you some discrepancies between women and men's sports. Women and men's sports should each have equal opportunities. I came from a pretty sports oriented high school, sports were very important at my school even more than academics sometimes. I was always a big part of that. Our school is mostly known for our girl’s basketball team and boy’s basketball team. When I was in seventh through ninth grade everyone talked about us. We had these awesome teams that went undefeated for three years. Both teams went on to win the GMC division titles. So many people came to my high school for basketball after those years because everyone wanted to win and if you came to CMHS you probably would win. This streak continued until the coach of the boy’s basketball team passed away. Both teams were so close that this affected both teams equally; I remember how going to practice just wasn’t the same because we didn’t get to see Coach Don’s Nike Velvet Sweat suits. It was so late in the season when Coach passed so the school decided to hire a female coach who happened to be the gym teacher to be the interim coach of the basketball team. This decision almost tore my high school apart many people felt that this decision was unethical and wrong most of these people being men, they felt that a woman wouldn’t be able to “handle” the job of coaching a men’s basketball team to victory. It was then I decided that I wanted to enter the sports field and make a change to the image women in the sports industry.   My parents brought me up to think that girls could do sports just as well as boys. I guess it started when I was the “batgirl” for my parent's annual ’baseball team fundraisers. The teams consisted of both boys and girls; sometimes the boys would even go against the girls and play against them. The girl's team was really good and when they played against the boys' teams they actually did very well. So that is one of the reasons why it has always been easy for me to understand that girls were just as good as guys. What also helped me understand this concept was that my mom played more sports in her life than my father, competitive sports on organized teams. I feel that in sports it is the person, not their gender that dictates their athletics ability. Women were not always given a fair chance to showcase there abilities until . When my high school basketball coach was graduating from high school, she wanted to play basketball at the collegiate level. At this time there were few teams and the women that played on these teams were not recruited or offered scholarships. The adoption of Title IX in 1972 allowed for female sports to expand and grow at the high school level The law stated that educational institutions had to provide equal opportunities for females to participate in sports as they did males or else lose their federal funding....

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