Women in Religion

Topics: Woman, Female, Gender, Women / Pages: 4 (856 words) / Published: Apr 5th, 2011
Johnson, Stephanie

How has my relationship to or perception of women and religion influenced the way that I approach life’s daily issues?

When I think about the women I have grown up around or the women that have influenced my life in any way, I assume that the way to define a woman or women in religion is to accumulate as many characteristics that makes the question effortless to answer. How do you define a woman or women in religion, that is, what do you think are important qualities of a woman/women in religion? Defining a woman alone seems to be difficult considering the fact that even a male child can be born with female organs or XX chromosomes. Therefore, I think it be sensible to agree that there is no official way to define who or what exactly a woman is. However, my judgment on the important qualities of a woman and/or a women in religion root from teachings I’ve learned in primary schooling and church. For starters, Respect is a the most important quality a woman should acquire. Followed by responsibility, self awareness, independence, high self esteem, a well kept appearance as well as hygiene, and last but most certainly not least intelligence. My most direct experience with women in religion would have to be a pageant back home in my church called the Wedding of the Roses. The purpose of this pageant was to educate young women in different age groups to stand erect with elevated levels of self esteem to the issues of peer pressure and becoming a young woman in today’s society. Being nominated by the elder women in the church was an enormous surprise. I had never done more than sing and dance for the church. But to be nominated by our Deaconess board was truly an honor to me. I expected them to try to change me as much as they could. Sitting properly, legs crossed at the ankles, no weave; only nice pulled back hair from my face, nails clean and filed, stockings on at all times, knee length skirts and shorts, not to much make-up and my

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