women in psychology

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Women in Psychology.

Women have made many contributions to the advancement of psychology, many of which have gone without notice until recent times, and some of which still goes unidentified in the field of psychology. The mention of women in the early development of psychology usually refers to them as minor contributors to a field that at one time was predominantly dominated by men.

One of the pioneers in psychology today is Mary Whiton Calkins (1863-1930) who the first woman president of the American Psychological Association. She was the inventor of the paired-associate technique, and creator of a system of self-psychology. Over the course of her career, Calkins wrote over a hundred professional papers of topics in psychology and philosophy. In addition to being the first woman president of the American Psychological Association, Calkins also served as president of the American Philosophical Association in 1918. Calkins' major contribution to psychology was the development of a system of self-psychology (Furumoto, 1980). Another figure in psychology is Anna Freud (1895 – 1982), Freud was the sixth and last child of Sigmund Freud and Martha Bernays. Born in Vienna, she followed the path of her father and contributed to the newly born field of psychoanalysis. She may be considered the founder of psychoanalytic child psychology. Anna Freud created the field of child psychoanalysis and her work contributed greatly to our understanding of child psychology. She also developed different techniques to treat children. Freud noted that children’s symptoms differed from those of adults and were often related to developmental stages

Both Mary Whiton Calkins and Anna Freud are very important to mention in this essay because thanks to them we have a better understanding of psychology in nowadays. It is possible that many women that provided theories and personal researchers about psychology were not recorded. When people read about the history of psychology, We...
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