Women in Psychology

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Running head: Women and their Substantive Role in Psychology

Women in Psychology
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History and Systems in Psychology
Linka Griswold

It is safe to infer that the study of psychology is ever changing and advancing in many facets. This advancement is due to the many physiologist, theorist, psychologist, and scientist that have dedicated their beings to studying of the human mind and human behavior. Amongst these professionals, stand some very influential women. These women have played very important and often key roles in the development of psychology as we know it today. I will highlight the contributions of some major roles females have played in psychology, and conclude by discussing the contributions of Americans first female psychologist Christine Ladd-Franklin, her background, and theoretical perspectives of psychology.

Women in Psychology
Psychology as we know it today is the study or science of the human mind and behavior. Psychology up until 1870 was a branch of philosophy and then developed as an independent scientific discipline. In 1879 began the study of experimental science with Wilhelm Wundt in Leipzig. This marked a historic and very important moment in psychology. Though Wundt is the first to experiment with psychology, there were also others who followed very closely. Charles Peirce, particularly, who was the first American experimental psychologist, also had a major contribution. In Charles Peirce journey in psychology, he worked very closely with Christine Ladd-Franklin, who later became the first woman involved in the three disciplines: logic, psychology, and mathematics. Although we don’t hear much about women and their involvement in psychology, some women offered some major contributions to the field of psychology between 1850 to present day. Psychology as we know is the study or science of the human mind and behavior. Although we don’t hear much about women and their involvement...

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