Women In Prison

Topics: Crime, Prison, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (270 words) Published: February 23, 2017

The women’s correctional system has been quite controversial through the years. In my opinion, the neglect of women’s institutes has been quite benign which may be due to the fact that women make up a small portion of inmates in the prison system. Until the late 1800’s, women were not normally convicted of crimes unless they were habitual offenders. Women offenders are frequently imprisoned for nonviolent crimes unlike their male counterparts who range from nonviolent offenders to maximum security individuals that require a more severe housing unit. I feel the concentration on male offenders is justified because men make up the majority of inmates in the correctional facility ranging from nonviolent crimes to crimes such as rape and murder which studies have shown women have a lower percentage of arrests for serious...

There are substantial consequences to the lack of attention paid to women’s institution and it varies from repeat criminal behaviors to mental health issues. The programs offered to women in the prison system are a lot more underdeveloped than in men’s prison in my opinion and an idea that I believe would benefit these women tremendously would be to have classes such as home economics and programs that teach women job skills so they do not need to rely on anybody else in life and have a lower chance of returning to prison. Unfortunately, the prison system tends to treat women in the same manner as men which to me is ludicrous because men and women are absolutely different in every way and the system should realize that since many women incarcerated, are there for...
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